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Randolph Engineering, Inc, (also known as RE), a Massachusetts corporation, was founded in 1972 by two engineers, Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski. Both immigrated from Poland years earlier, became US citizens, and worked hard to transform their American Dream into a reality. At inception the company focused on designing and manufacturing optical tools and machinery for the trade. The vision of the co-founders was to build the cornerstone of the business on advanced engineering principles and then to slowly expand into the manufacture of premium performance eyewear under the Randolph name.                                                                                                                                                     

In 1982 Randolph became the prime contractor for military style aviation flight glasses for the U.S. Department of Defence. During this decade Randolph solidified themselves as the lead vendor to various US Government Agencies for sunglasses, ophthalmic eyewear, and certain niche optical products. The strategic positioning within the military channels would be leveraged at a later date as part of a marketing theme for commercial channels of distribution.

In the early 1990's, Randolph began to market and distribute its premium line of sunglasses to export markets. Strategically the company chose to leverage its reputation within the military channels and a USA made product to overseas customers. Randolph has positioned themselves as a viable vendor to other Air Forces around the world including Australia, Belgium, Israel, and Jordan among others. The Alliance for the Commonwealth and the Massachusetts Port Authority awarded Randolph the 1997 Massachusetts Product Export Achievement Award in recognition for the achievements made in International trade.

Randolph has maintained its core business within the military channels. At the conclusion of Desert Storm, the US Department of Defence awarded Randolph a Certificate of Appreciation for the extraordinary efforts made in accelerating deliveries to support our troops with it's mil-spec medical items.

The "Randolph Aviator" is considered one of the Company's premier products. The Randolph Aviator, constructed to exact technological and military standards, is the standard issue for US military pilots and NASA astronauts. Randolph's emphasis on quality of materials and precision manufacturing are the principle reasons that since 1982 Randolph has been the prime supplier of sunglasses to the United States armed forces. Other niche products include optical inserts for chemical-biological gas masks, optical frames for laser sighting lenses, and optical frames for futuristic heads-up-display units.

Today Randolph Engineering Inc. has evolved into a full service business with highly trained engineers, technicians, skilled line workers, and management meeting high demands of business in the 21st century. Randolph's performance eyewear appeals not only to military pilots and active sports enthusiasts who favour the performance features and comforts of its products, but also to consumers who appreciate Randolph's distinctive quality, innovation, and styles.

Randolph's heritage and reputation for quality is a major marketing advantage in an era of consumer sophistication. The core brand drivers behind the Randolph brand are Quality, Performance, Commitment, Craftsmanship, and a truly unique pioneering American Spirit. Randolph products are for those in the know, who are not lead by the herd influence, and who demand the best.