Lenses and Temples


Made in U.S.A.
All Randolph products have been meticulously handcrafted at our facility in Randolph, Massachusetts since 1972. Utilizing only the finest materials available to the industry our American craftsman and women bring to you one of the worlds best sunglasses. Over the years, Randolph has retained an integrated manufacturing approach with the end benefit being a level of American made quality, craftsmanship and comfort unequalled in the industry.

Lifetime Solder Joint Guarantee.
Randolph feels so strongly about it's quality that we will repair or replace any broken solder joint for the lifetime of the Randolph product (assuming normal use).

Randolph Designs.
All our products are designed and manufactured with quality, function, and performance as the key components. We then wrap this technology into a classic or contemporary design that will give our customer years of satisfaction. Our designs incorporate a high degree of comfort resulting in hours of extended wear. While fashion may fade in and out of the consumer marketplace, the quality found in Randolph product will never go out of style.

Randolph Materials.
We use only the best in the world. Our 18% nickel silver frames provide unequalled strength and solder joint integrity. Our sleek money frames offer a slender profile and secure fit. We do not compromise quality even when selecting something as trivial as a lens screw. Our nose pads are made of soft silicone so that the frames will not slip even under conditions of heavy perspiration.

Frame Finishes.
Every frame is hand polished prior to coloration process. Our gold finishes incorporate a heavy 23 karat gold plate; our Matte Black finishes consist of a durable three step process; state of the art Gold and Silver finishes are applied on selected fashion styles; and our elegant Ruthenium finish will last a lifetime. All frame finishes are topped off with a corrosion resistant clear coat that further protects the product.


Mineral crown Glass Lenses.
Randolph's Mineral lenses are ground and polished to precise optical distortion-free standards. Optically ground glass lenses provide the highest level of visual acuity, which is why it's used in high quality cameras and telescopes. Glass lenses offer the best scratch resistant properties of all lens materials. In addition, every Randolph glass lens is chem.-tempered to resist breakage; then 100% drop-ball tested to meet FDA and ANSI standards (glass lenses are not shatterproof). Randolph offers three lens colours in glass; Neutral Grey, AGX (grey/green) and a High Contrast Tan.

Maximum UV Absorption.
All lenses absorb 98-100% of harmful ultraviolet rays.

Maximum Glare Reduction.
Designed to help check harsh direct or indirect glare. Mirror coated lenses offer a higher degree of glare reduction than non-mirrored lenses.

Optimum Visible Transmittance.
Lens densities (darkness) allow only 15-18% of pass-through visible light; the ideal comfort level for most wearers.

Neutral Grey Mineral (US Military Issue).
Randolph Neutral Grey lenses offers absolute true colour reception. Worn by U.S. Military pilots and NASA astronauts; colours come through naturally resulting in hours of comfort. Light reaches the eye with the same colour compositions that it had before passing through the lens. Every colour retains its true value.

High Contrast Tan Mineral.
Randolph Tan lenses, although lacking the neutrality of grey and green lenses, are also widely accepted of those needing eye protection on bright overcast days. This lens will cut off the transmittance of easily scattered blue light, thus having the effect of increasing contrast and visual acuity. This lens will perform well in low light situations encountered in haze and fog. 

AGX (grey/green) Mineral.
Known as the "All American Green". This lens has a slight green tint to it, making it the most popular sunglass tint on the market. Selectively filters the colours of the spectrum so that their transmittance curve closely resembles the sensitivity curve of the eye. Thus colours are only slightly changed. Evidence indicates that the eye's focusing system is largely keyed to the green wavelengths of the spectrum. Because green and grey lenses do not shift the colour balance away from green they do not disturb the eye's focusing system. The result? Vision stays sharp through lenses of these colours.