Our Process

Made in USA since 1972

Randolph Engineering, Inc. has proudly produced metal frame eyewear in its USA factory since 1972. Today, ALL of our metal frame sunglasses are designed, developed, and handcrafted in Randolph, Massachusetts USA, generating over 90% of company revenues.

Randolph also designs and develops eyewear using high-­‐grade acetates and other plastic compounds typically not found in the USA. These products are manufactured by our supply partners in Italy and other regions of the world under our close supervision.

Randolph's eyewear line features high impact resistant polycarbonate as well as mineral glass lenses. Our polycarbonate lenses are cut and edged in our USA factory. These are available as an option within our sunglass line and are standard for our Ranger shooting eyewear. Mineral crown glass lenses are poured in France and Germany. At this time there aren’t any viable glass lens suppliers in the USA. Final assembly, quality inspection, packaging and fulfillment for ALL our products are handled by our factory and distribution center, located in Randolph, Massachusetts, USA.

We invite you to stop by our factory for a tour and see our highly skilled craftsmen/women produce what we believe to be some of the best made products in America.